Our customers include companies in varied phases of development with wide-ranging needs when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging services, so you can feel confident that we can support you, at any size or stage, with a range of primary and secondary packaging solutions. We package tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, ointments and gels and offer specialized packaging for pediatric applications. Whether you need non-sterile or sterile doses, in customer-ready or custom forms, we can help you meet your packaging challenges.

From blister packs and child-resistant closures to blister hospital unit dose and physician samples, we work with you to meet your unique pharmaceutical packaging needs. Take a deeper dive below:

Packaging Capabilities

We conduct primary packaging in enclosed rooms isolated by air pressure differential from secondary packaging operations. Units of sale are serialized per current regulations.

  • Bottles with regular and child-resistant closures
  • Tamper-evident seals
  • Plastic and glass bottles
  • Slat and dual-head counters on solid dosage form lines
  • Blister packs with PVC, PVDC, Aclar and other flexible materials
  • Aluminum and child-resistant blister liddings
  • Hospital unit dose and physician samples
  • Aluminum, PVC and laminated tubes

Packaging Equipment

Our packaging equipment includes state-of-the-art systems that enable us to accommodate almost any packaging need, from open-label clinical supplies to commercial size batches.

  • King Slat Fillers
  • Filamatic VX300 XP Liquid Filler
  • Omega Bottle Unscramblers
  • Omega Desiccant Feeders
  • Enercon Induction Sealers
  • Lakso Cottoners
  • NJM Labelers
  • Resina Cappers
  • MGS Topserters
  • Omega Bundlers
  • Markem Printers
  • Optel and Systech Vision Systems
  • Data Logic Bar Code Scanners
  • Videojet Coder
  • Cremer Bottle Filler
  • Retorquer
  • Optel
  • In-line Weight Checker

Blister Packaging/Stick Filling Capabilities

Blister packaging and stick packs provide increased levels of safety and convenience for consumers, making them popular packaging choices. Cambrex has extensive experience working with these packaging solutions.

  • Klockner CP3 Thermoformer
  • IWKA CPR Horizontal Cartoner
  • CAM Vertical Cartoner
  • Merz Stick Filler


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